Flexible RGB Screen


The Flexible RGB Screen uses a rubber modular design to achieve huge arrays over curved surfaces. Each 320mm X 160mm module use magnetic connectors on the rear to securely attach the module to some metalwork. This quick and easy to setup solution is why our customers use this product time and time again.

Flexible Modules
Power Consumption Per Module: 20W
Pixel Pitch: 10mm
Number of LED’s Per Module: 512
Module Size: 320mm x 160mm
Warranty: 1 Year
Viewing Angle: 120˚
Luminous Intensity (Red): 180~220 MCD
Luminous Intensity (Green): 650~750 MCD
Luminous Intensity (Blue): 90~110 MCD
Colour Rendition Index: 80 +/-
Product Code: LED-SCREEN-FLEX-320X160-10MM