Rigid RGB Video Playback Modules


The Rigid RGB Screen modules are designed for larger scale projects. Each module is 160mm X 160mm in size and can be linked together to create a screen of the dimension you need. What these screens lack in resolution, they more than make up for in brightness and size.

LED Module Array Construction
Max Power Consumption: 1500W/m²
Ave. Power Consumption: 500W/m
CCT: 6500/9300
IP Rating: IP44
Working Humidity: 10% – 90% RH
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C
Optimum View Distance: 4+ Meters
Number of Colours: 16,777,216
Gray Scale: 4096
Brightness Controls: 256 Class
Power: AC 100-240V
Mcd: ≥2500c d/m 2
Drive Method: 1/4 Scan Constant Current Drive
Digital Signal: 10 Bit
Refresh Rate: 50-60HZ
Life Span (at 50% Brightness): ≥100,000hrs
Control System: Colourlight
Cable Type: CAT5
LEDs Per Module: 1024
Modules Per Cabinet: 48
Product Code: LED-SCREEN-RIGID-160X160-5MM